Thursday, July 14, 2011

More than a Haircut

Write more: letters, post-cards, blog-posts, e-mails, and yelp reviews. I'm counting it all towards meeting the goal. So today's posts includes a few reviews I've written for Yelp of some of the local places we've found that are helping Big D feel more like home. This is for Live Hair Group in Lower Greenville.

LIVE HAIR GROUP: For the first time in decades I'm living in the burbs, and honestly, there are some upsides: a bit of yard for a grill, a lack of emergency vehicle sirens to "enhance" our late night movie surround sound, and the absence of panhandlers at the grocery store. That said, when it comes to my tresses I'm a city girl, and the absence of a multitude of funky salons forced me to get in my car and start learning my way around beyond the scope of Richardson's city limits.

On a bright Tuesday morning I decided to hop in the car and head closer to Big D in search of a salon that would do right by the neglected natural blond hairs on my head. I chose Live Hair Group as a destination based on the rave reviews and put the car in drive.

My original goal was to get out, explore, and if I liked the salon I'd set an appointment. Getting there was easy; spotting the shop was a little tricky. After a straight shot down the 75, a left onto Mockingbird, and a right onto Greenville, I drove right by the salon three times looking for the storefront. Quick tip: If you're headed there for the first time - and I hope you will - look for the Granada's Marquee - the salon is in the shops across the street.

Once inside, I was pleased to find a pretty laid back set-up that was clearly focused on hair. It's a small boutique salon with approximately six chairs. They are currently working on expanding. Fortunately for me, one of those chairs was about to be empty and they were able to get me in as a walk-in.

The customer service lived up to the reputation that's been established in the yelp reviews. As a walk-in, I didn't talk with Jana ahead of time, but I think she would have been very happy with the consult I received from Tasha. My previous cut, which I loved, but had not kept up in the process of the move from Seattle, was an asymmetrical do that had been growing out for months. The bangs had been butchered in a few desperate, and failed, attempts to clean-up the look. I didn't just need a good new cut; I needed a rescue!

Tasha put on her super-sheers and saved the day with a cute cut that kept the appearance of some length and added lots of movement with layers throughout. Her precise technique kept the layers blended brilliantly in hair that will expose any wrong move. I love the cut and the style. Afterwards she offered to put some waves in my hair, and it felt like playing dress-up in a totally fun way.

As she cut and styled we chatted about Dallas and Austin and Texas in general. I appreciated that she had great tips on places to go and things to do, as well as some practical advice about how things work down here.

There was everything to love about this experience and the people who work at Live Hair Group. In a final love of Live, I have to shout out to their commitment for professional development. As a teacher lucky enough to have worked in a building that encouraged PD, I appreciate that not only does on-going education enhance what you do, it reinvigorates a love and excitement for the profession - and that vibe was clear in this crew of stylists!


  1. Good start with your blog, Kristen. Keep it up!

  2. Yay for finding a good salon the first time around! It took my neighbor moving in almost 6 months after I got here for me (he does both color and cut - yeehaw!).

    Glad you are enjoying your adventures in the big D! The northern area where you are is nice. If and when I am back down that way for work I will be sure to look y'all up!

  3. Thanks ladies, we look forward to a visit!

  4. Great post! :-) I want to see the new hair!!

  5. You go girlfriend, get them tresses beautiful and such...
    Look I'll be honest Tex eck wanted me to post comments buti have to admit I cannot be clever enough to rate your praise for witty prose when womens hair stylings is on the line.... Land wars in Asia I can do, natural blond bob cuts, well, not so much.
    That said I am a big fan of blondes and am grateful you found a savior worthy of Samson himself

    Now to find a coiffeur to administer to Tex ecks natural anchorman 'do (we think it will go silver!) ...