Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tex Eck Draws the Line

Tex Eck here. K provided a fantastic account of our Austin adventure. But I need to hit the County Line BBQ a little harder. When you try a new and highly recommended BBQ place you order everything. At many BBQ joints the ribs are better than the brisket or the the pork shoulder stands out. That sort of thing. If y'all have seen the movie The Professional, to paraphrase Gary Oldman's character- EVERYTHING was awful. I could not pull the ribs apart with an F-150 tow package, the smoked sausage had the consistency of a garden hose (though water could pass through a garden hose and that sausage has yet to pass thorough Tex Eck) and the brisket you could roll into tiny balls and kick ass at playing jacks with some unfamiliar rube from the northeast.

In short, a German/Norwegian from the Northwest could knock that place down.

Site Disclaimer: The author of this post is in fact German/Norwegian.

Who used to reside in the Northwest.

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