Sunday, August 7, 2011

"July: In like a lion, and out like a lion on fire!"

Happy Seafair Day!!

The heat seems to have idled our blogging fingers. However, this article was on the front page of the Dallas Morning News today. We stole the tag line for this post from it's writer, who made us wish we'd thought of that. It's clever and fun and we thought it was worth sharing. Tex is promising a post soon - I told him that I'd tell you he'd post today, so feel free to put a little pressure on in the comments section.
Click this link to read more great writing with references to Icarus, marching band, and plasma centers!



  1. I am willing to bet a hefty percentage of my relatively paltry salary that Tex eck has been using the quote "I'm a reasonable man but this @&$king heat is making me crazy" at least five times a sweltering day. k, I feel for you and the position of Demi moore you must be playing daily. just retort by using my fav riposte that works in most all social situations: Jesus Christ Caffee/Tex eck you're in the f&@king navy for gods sake"

  2. JKB - you've risen to the task of commenter with style. I have laughed out loud and it's all your fault! xoxo - k.